February Day Centre Birthdays

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February Day Centre Birthdays

As our Day Centre family has grown, it has become impossible to celebrate everyone’s Birthday individually. Therefore we have decided to have a party every month to celebrate ALL the Birthday’s for that month! Last week we celebrated the February Birthday’s with a massive cake, singing, dancing and lots of fun!12814219_571898736309737_2815949607471696365_n 12321656_571898732976404_7296416355687307418_n 12798948_571898819643062_2896118799447286679_n 1936199_571898816309729_9207489087795389658_n 12096353_571898822976395_1193272283607448551_n 12794516_571898869643057_5989213118525721242_n 12321324_571898896309721_4799318563941595170_n 12802767_571898889643055_3861377635913221125_n 12718251_571898926309718_2740263508067445623_n 12790927_571899002976377_2979937494621330272_n 12819272_571899042976373_7114664522671344881_o 12418937_571899069643037_8103638529346209795_o 12772099_571899072976370_3450039397706296605_o 12748101_571899146309696_8061688853902940124_o

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